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Recognizing Your Alcohol Addiction

Two of the biggest obstacles a person encounters when evaluating their use of alcohol are denial and rationalization. A person denies their alcohol abuse when he or she refuses to see any problem related to alcohol consumption. People rationalize alcohol abuse when they believe they deserve a drink or that their drinking is the fault of people, places or situations that are beyond their control. Denial and rationalization are strong emotions that can manipulate a person and prevent him or her from thinking clearly or evaluating alcohol use objectively. If you are concerned about your drinking habits or suspect you may be developing an alcohol abuse problem, consider the signs of alcohol addiction carefully and honestly examine your relationship with alcohol.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

There are common signs of alcohol addiction, but you do not have to experience all or even any of these signs to have an alcohol abuse problem. Symptoms will vary from person to person but often involve the following:

  • Alcohol tolerance. If you can drink more than your friends or need to drink a lot to get drunk, consider why you have such a high tolerance for alcohol.
  • Preoccupation with alcohol. Planning your day around drinking or thinking about past and future drinking occasions throughout the day are signs of alcohol addiction.
  • Hiding drinks. Drinking alone, hiding your drinking and drinking clear alcohol or alcohol hidden in everyday drinks are signs of alcohol abuse.
  • Using alcohol to change how you feel. Using alcohol to relax or, conversely, to get ready for a party or social situation are signs of alcohol addiction.
  • Physical changes. Alcohol abuse is often accompanied by changes in appearance, hygiene, ability to sleep and appetite.
  • Changing relationships. If friends and family express concerns about your drinking or choose to spend less time with you when alcohol is involved, you need to examine your drinking habits.

Recognize Alcohol Addiction

If you are questioning your drinking habits, call our toll-free helpline for a free assessment. We can help you identify alcohol abuse or addiction and can connect you with the resources that will match your unique needs. We are here 24 hours a day, so please call now.