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Private Pay Alcohol Rehab

Private pay alcohol rehab programs are for individuals who want to maintain a certain level of privacy or anonymity while in rehab. Alcohol rehab is oftentimes embarrassing for many people because it requires the acknowledgment that they have a problem. Issues surrounding alcoholism can be especially humbling if co-workers or business associates find out about the issue.  Private pay drug rehab facilities are more costly than public options. This is largely because these types of centers are considered pretty exclusive and offer services and amenities that may not be available in your typical alcohol rehab center.

Private Pay Alcohol Rehab

Many private facilities will have very nice accommodations and be located in vacation-friendly locales. They will typically offer a number of different types of therapies, including both inpatient and outpatient alcohol rehab. They may also have some therapies that most mainstream, federal or state facilities may not, such as yoga, acupuncture and therapy via art and meditation.  They also may be a little bit more flexible especially if they are not funded by a federal program.  Individuals might be able to experience more customized programs and those that are a bit more creative in nature.

Private pay alcohol rehab programs run the gamut in regards to what types of services they provide. Some will offer a medical detox program complete with doctors or nurses on staff. They may also be able to offer help with other types of addictions such as drugs, eating disorders or gambling. An individual who is having problems with both drugs and alcohol may be able to find rehab treatment for both substances in one place.  A psychologist or psychiatrist will likely be on staff to provide counseling when and as needed.

Private pay alcohol rehab facilities are generally most frequented by people who want to maintain some level of privacy while they are going through the rehabilitation process. These may be celebrities, public figures or individuals who simply care about their privacy. Many luxury rehab facilities offer plenty of special perks such as organic meals and food prepared by four-star chefs.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

Individuals will have the option of enrolling in either an inpatient or outpatient program if they choose to go with a private pay alcohol rehab center. When it comes to alcohol treatment methodologies, they will often use the same ones utilized in other rehab centers. For example, 12-step programs can be found in lots of alcohol rehab programs as can both group and individual counseling sessions.

Whether or not you decide to enroll in a private pay alcohol rehab facility will be dependent upon what you are looking for in terms of rehabilitation and whether or not this type of facility can provide it. If you’d like more information on finding a private pay alcohol rehab center that would work well for you or your loved one, call us at our toll-free number today.