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The Relationship between Homelessness and Alcohol Addiction

In many cases, homelessness and alcohol addiction go hand in hand, meaning that homelessness can lead to alcohol addiction and/or alcohol addiction can cause homelessness. Whichever way it occurs, however, being homeless and struggling with alcohol addiction can lead to a variety of challenges, including figuring out how to successfully recover.

How to Prevent Homelessness and Alcohol Addiction

It takes a great deal of mistakes, serious consequences, and risky behavior to lead a person to become homeless while battling alcohol addiction. While it usually takes a good amount of time to get to a dark place such as this, there are preventative measures that can be taken in the meantime to stop this downward spiral from occurring, including the following:

  • Get treatment – It can be incredibly difficult for an individual battling alcohol addiction to reach out for help, as it not only involves admitting that there is a problem, but also requires effort that he might not have as a result of his use. However, getting treatment for alcohol addiction as soon as possible can help prevent continued use that can lead to serious, life-altering consequences such as homelessness.
  • Protect finances – For many users, their money is often the first thing to go, as they spend it all on alcohol and/or as a result of impulsive shopping behaviors while under the influence. Therefore, it is important for the friends and family of a loved one that is struggling with alcohol addiction to do what they can to protect his finances so that they literally do not drink themselves out of house and home.
  • Develop coping skills – Prior to any drinking behaviors, it is crucial that individuals learn how to properly cope with life’s stressors so that they do not turn to alcohol to solve their problems. By doing this, an individual can stop the development of an alcohol addiction before it begins, preventing them from suffering the ultimate consequence of losing their home.

Individuals can prevent homelessness and alcohol addiction by getting treatment as soon as possible, having friends or family protect their finances and develop coping skills to keep them from using to manage stress.

Recovery Options for the Homeless

It is extremely important to take preventative measures to avoid homelessness and alcohol addiction, because once these negative consequences occur, it can be incredibly difficult to bounce back. However, there are public, state-run addiction treatment clinics that can provide help for homeless individuals, as well as shelters that might be able to help an individual get back on the right track so he can find a job and/or begin attending rehab treatment.

Do You Need Addiction Treatment?

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