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The Problems Alcohol Addiction Causes

Alcohol addiction and alcoholism is a serious disease that affects a person’s mind, body and spirit. Alcohol addiction impacts every part of your life and the lives of your family. Learn more about alcohol addiction and new alcohol treatments that can make a difference in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Alcohol Impacts Your Health

While the fact that alcohol impacts your health may seem obvious, many people just shrug it off and drink anyway. By taking a closer look at how alcohol impacts your health, you may realize how much of a toll it has taken on your own body. Short-term alcohol abuse can cause problems such as the following:

  • Digestive distress and upset stomach
  • Dehydration
  • Poor judgment that leads to accidents and a higher rate of coming in contact with sexually transmitted diseases, crime and violence and illegal activity
  • Electrolyte imbalance
  • Coma
  • Death

Long-term alcohol abuse can cause much more serious problems like the following:

  • Heart disease and high blood pressure
  • Heart failure
  • Cancer
  • Liver disease or cirrhosis of the liver
  • Permanent stomach problems and diseases of the stomach lining
  • Increased susceptibility to infections
  • Increased incident of mental illness
  • Malnutrition
  • Impotence, infertility and miscarriage
  • Death

Alcohol Impacts Your Career

Because alcohol consumption causes a lapse in judgment, it will eventually impact your career and possibly even your freedom. It only takes one DUI or DWI to obtain a criminal record and have trouble finding employment as a result. The more you drink, the more your body depends on alcohol. If you are worried about your drinking now, concerns will only increase over time without treatment. Eventually this will impact your ability to earn a living. Highly educated professionals and executives lose their livelihoods every day due to alcohol. Don’t let it happen to you.

Alcohol Impacts Your Family and Loved Ones

Even if you take great care to hide your drinking from your loved ones, chances are they know something is wrong. You can’t be your true self when alcohol impacts your life. Children are particularly susceptible to the effects of alcoholism in the family. Think back and carefully assess the ways in which drinking has impacted your family and your loved ones. It may be time to explore treatment options for both your sake and the sake of your loved ones. Living with alcoholism can destroy your life. You may have considered many reasons why you are not yet ready for treatment, but no reason is more important than your life and the lives of those who love you.

Find Alcohol Addiction Treatment Now

If you would like to discuss the possibility of treatment with a recovery professional who will support and not pressure you, please call our toll-free helpline. You don’t have to face this on your own. We would like to help you find the best alcohol abuse treatment for you and your family. Our helpline is staffed 24 hours a day by caring professional recovery assistants who understand addiction treatment. All calls are completely confidential. Call now to speak with someone about your situation, and let us help you find quality affordable detox and treatment services.