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The Connection between Holiday Stress and Drinking

While the holidays are a great time to enjoy a happy and healthy time with friends and relatives, the season is also stressful for many people. According to a study by Mental Health America the primary stressors around the holiday time include the following:

  • Finances. The holidays escalate financial burdens for several reasons. People tend to splurge or buy gifts on credit cards. Holiday-related debt may take several months to overcome or may add to an already existing financial problem. Depression associated with financial stress also increases at this time, as people may be sad or frustrated that they cannot get loved ones the gifts they would like.
  • Memories. During the holidays people reflect on the past year and what they did or did not accomplish. A person has an increased tendency during the holiday season to think back on holidays from previous years. Being reminded about the loss of a loved one, a divorce or other sad event can make it hard to stay positive.
  • Overloaded schedules. Most people who have children and work full-time have schedules that are packed up throughout the year. When you add holiday parties, shopping, decorating, volunteering and more, stress can reach an all-time high.
  • Overindulgence. There are unique holiday food and beverage treats available everywhere during the holidays, and regular eating, drinking and fitness schedules are rarely followed at this time of year.
  • Loneliness. During holidays people may feel particularly alone or lonely. Single family members or those with few or no family members to celebrate with may particularly feel something is missing.

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