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Staying Sober When Angry

Is anger one of your addiction triggers? Whether you are angry at a family member, a coworker or a total stranger, your anger could quickly lead to a relapse unless you take swift action to prevent it. In order to stay sober you need to understand your drug or alcohol use triggers and also understand how to control them.

Anger and Addiction

Anger and addiction often co-occur, and your anger may be fueled by your addiction or your addiction may be a direct result of your need to self-medicate your anger and other emotional or mental concerns.

Your behaviors don’t just affect you. They affect your friends, family members and everyone that you encounter. It is also unpleasant to feel angry most of the time. People who experience a great deal of anger usually experience higher levels of depression and anxiety as well. Unless you can control your anger and deal with your sobriety in a healthy manner, you will be at serious risk of relapsing. You can work on controlling your anger and staying sober, and this may begin with asking yourself such questions as the following:

  • What is really causing the anger?
  • Can you find a method of working through the situation that is non-confrontational and also lowers your stress levels?
  • If you cannot work through the anger-causing situation can you instead remove yourself from the situation for a while?
  • Is your anger something that is truly worth risking your sobriety and potentially losing your family over?
  • Is your anger and unhappiness so serious that it may take more time and help to get through?

Staying sober is perhaps the hardest thing that you will ever have to do. However your sobriety and the positive life changes that it brings are worth the effort. With drug abuse, anger and alcoholism all being so closely linked, it is important that you understand the causes of your anger and take steps to help yourself move on from it in order to avoid relapse.

Help Staying Sober and Overcoming Addiction

Our counselors are skilled at finding solutions that work for every unique situation. If you are in need of an addiction rehab program to get or stay sober, we will be able to guide you in the right direction. If you need addiction support in the form of counseling and other types of therapies, we will be able to help to point you on the right path. If you need help arranging insurance coverage for treatment, we can assist with that as well. There is no reason to put yourself or your recovery at risk. You can avoid relapse, stay sober and maintain a healthier and happier life when you are equipped with the emotional and mental tools needed to face down life stressors. Call our toll-free helpline now.