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I Can Stop Drinking Anytime I Want

You may wonder if you are developing an alcohol addiction problem. If people around you have started to comment on your drinking habits, you may find that you are starting to question yourself. Learning more about alcohol abuse and addiction is important, if you are interested in quitting drinking. One of the first steps of addiction recovery is to acknowledge the fact that you have an addiction. Learning the signs of alcoholism can help you to recognize a problem in your life or that of a loved one.

Five Signs of Alcoholism

Every person will have his or her unique signs of a drinking problem depending on their age, health and other life factors. The following are five signs of alcoholism that are frequently seen:

  • An increasingly higher tolerance for larger amounts of alcohol is a major sign that you have a drinking problem. In order to maintain the pleasurable feelings you are looking for, it is necessary to consume much higher amounts of alcohol.
  • Distancing yourself from your friends, your family and social events is a sign of alcoholism. You may neglect your hobbies in favor of spending more time drinking. Alcoholics quickly become unsociable unless the social events will involve alcohol.
  • Alcoholism often includes drastic physical changes that include tremors between drinking binges, mood swings, lack of coordination, rapid weight loss and changes in person hygiene.
  • Poor decision making is a sign of alcoholism, and it is often to blame for someone getting behind the wheel of a car while he or she is intoxicated. Alcohol may be the reason behind engaging in other dangerous behavior that can include picking fights or engaging in sexual encounters with complete strangers.
  • Memory loss is often a symptom of alcoholism, and blackouts are often experienced. A person who is blacked out can continue to walk, talk and perform tasks, but they will have no memory of these actions.

Have you started to recognize yourself in these symptoms of alcoholism? Have you tried to stop drinking but find that you actually cannot? What happens if you stop drinking for a day? Entering a quality alcohol rehab program can help you work through your alcohol abuse or addiction.

Getting Professional Alcohol Treatment

If you believe that you may be an alcoholic or if your attempts to stop drinking have been unsuccessful, call our toll-free helpline. Our team of incredible counselors is ready to speak with you in complete confidence about the challenges you are facing. We can help you quit drinking, and with professional help you can stop drinking as soon as you are ready. We are here to help 24 hours a day, so please call now.