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How to Talk to Your Girlfriend about Alcohol Use

Drinking is common in American culture, as it is often associated with fun, relaxing weekends and celebrating successes. Unfortunately, many people who drink alcohol recreationally become addicted to it. Although it is widely available and many people can drink it without becoming addicted, others cannot do so, and addiction can occur quickly. If this kind of alcohol abuse characterizes your girlfriend, then seek professional help as soon as possible to help her recover.

Signs of Alcoholism

Signs of alcohol addiction include the following issues:

  • Neglecting responsibilities at home, school or work because of drinking
  • Drinking even in dangerous situations, like while driving, using heavy machinery or while taking prescription drugs
  • Drinking even when it damages relationships
  • Experiencing legal problems because of drinking (DUI’s, disorderly conduct and etc.)
  • Drinking to relax or cope
  • Lying to others about your drinking habits
  • Blacking out or forgetting what you did while you were drinking
  • Regularly drinking more than you intended to

If you see these signs in your girlfriend, seek help immediately. Alcohol is a serious problem that requires serious attention, so you must talk with your girlfriend about getting help.

How to Address Your Girlfriend’s Alcohol Abuse

Because confronting your girlfriend about her alcohol abuse can be difficult, talk with a professional who is trained in this kind of conversation. These people are called interventionists or mediators, and your physician may know of several who can help you. An interventionist will discuss how to confront your girlfriend about her alcohol abuse, and he will also prepare you for how your girlfriend might react when confronted. Additionally, an interventionist will be present when you talk with your girlfriend, because he will mediate the conversation. As an objective third party, he can guide the conversation toward a good end.

What Happens during an Alcohol Intervention?

Talking with your girlfriend about her alcohol addiction may be a simple or excruciating conversation, depending on the depth and the length of her addiction. During the meeting, you and her loved ones will confront your girlfriend with the symptoms of her addiction and examples of how her behavior has damaged others. After this, your girlfriend has two options, to enter rehab or face consequences. Consequences may include withdrawing financial and emotional support, removing children from the home and etc.

Getting Help for Your Girlfriend’s Alcoholism

An important element in helping your girlfriend overcome alcoholism is giving her treatment options, and we can help you with this. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline anytime, and a recovery specialist will talk with you about available treatment options. Our caring staff understands the pain of your girlfriend’s addiction, so call us today to help her and yourself recover.