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How America’s Drinking Culture Impacts Addiction

There can be no doubt that America is a drinking culture. Sporting events, concerts, prime-time television, and college life are just a few examples of occasions in which alcohol is consistently involved. Even people who don’t drink are subjected to tens of thousands of images and jingles promoting alcohol consumption each year. Although practically every message is about the fun, independence, and individualism drinking promises, millions of people have a very different experience with alcohol. Addiction, depression, injury, broken relationships, and life-changing mistakes are rarely depicted in the media, but are a true calling card of America’s drinking culture.

Aspects of America’s Drinking Culture

It’s hard to document all of the aspects of America’s drinking culture. Images impact young children, senior citizens, rich, poor and in-between. There seems to be a type of drink available for every subculture, ethnic group, life event, and demographic. Many people can’t imagine throwing a party without serving some kind of alcohol.

The following symptoms of America’s drinking culture are experienced by just about every American on a weekly basis:

  • Product placements in television shows, movies, and even video games generate billions of individual impressions
  • Nearly every major sporting event includes at least one major alcohol sponsor
  • Dangerous binge drinking is a normal and accepted part of college life
  • Hard alcohol is heavily advertised in print and broadcast media, billboards and through celebrity endorsements
  • Intoxication is portrayed as a humorous part of life on TV and in films
  • Teenagers regularly engage in alcohol use and binge drinking at unsupervised parties

Song lyrics, movie scenes, superheroes, and even comic books include references to and accounts of drinking, often in a positive light. Although most people assume all of this marketing has little impact on their behavior, the simple truth is that alcohol companies would not spend the billions of dollars that they invest in this cultural saturation if it didn’t bring real and measurable results.

Consequences of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a disease that often develops slowly. In most cases it is well established long before the drinker knows they are hooked. Symptoms of alcoholism include the following:

  • Consumption of more than 2 drinks per day or 10 per week for men
  • Consumption of more than 1drink per day or 5 per week for women
  • Feelings of anxiety or stress if alcohol is not available on a regular basis
  • Needing at least one drink in order to relax at a party or social event
  • Regular episodes of binge drinking (intentionally drinking to the point of drunkenness)
  • Defensiveness when approached by friends or loved ones about drinking habits
  • The need for increasing quantities of alcohol in order to feel the desired effects

Some people are born with a biological predisposition toward alcohol addiction. It only takes one drink to start the process of dependency for them. Others develop the disease over weeks, months, or even years.

Help for Alcoholics Right Now

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