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Handling Alcoholism at Family Events

Family events are a prime opportunity for emotional flare-ups and family arguments over addiction. When there is an addiction in the family, it doesn’t just affect the person struggling with the addiction, it affects every involved member of the family in a variety of ways.

Coping with Your Alcoholic Loved One at a Family Event

Handling an alcoholic who refuses to admit that he or she has a problem or that he or she would benefit from treatment can be challenging. However there are a few things that you can do to diffuse arguments and reduce family stress and addiction-related behaviors. These include the following:

  • Consider using this family event as a good setting for a family intervention. An intervention can help your family member come to terms with his or her need for alcohol addiction treatment.
  • Try to minimize family arguments over addiction, as they are generally non-productive. Discuss productive methods of handling an alcoholic in the family. These could range from ensuring that alcohol is not served at the event to simply asking your family member to leave the event if behavior gets out of control.
  • Addiction in the family can cause a range of problems. The sooner that you work toward getting your loved one into a drug rehabilitation treatment program, the sooner you will be able to look forward to family events.

Managing Your Own Alcohol Addiction at a Family Event

If you are struggling with alcoholism and are looking for the support of your family members, a family event can be the ideal place to seek out their support. However if your alcoholic behaviors have affected your family in the past then you may just run into a fair amount of resistance and could even see new family arguments over addiction cropping up. Keep the following in mind when attending family events:

  • Demonstrate a true desire and willingness to enter into a residential addiction treatment program for your alcoholism.
  • Do your part to remove yourself from the situation if there appears to be an increasing amount of family stress. While discussing your alcoholism is an important start to getting the help that you need, you may find that the discussions lean towards the negative when a large group is involved.
  • At family events you can bring up the idea of family addiction counseling that will allow all members of your family an opportunity to express themselves in a neutral environment.

If you find that you need more help with handling family stress and addiction, consider reaching out for professional guidance.

Alcohol Addiction Help for Families

A call to our toll-free intervention helpline will put to you in touch with knowledgeable, non-judgmental and friendly professionals who can tell you more about family treatment programs that can offer help for alcohol addiction. We can even help you work with your insurance provider to arrange coverage for treatment. Get your family back on track and make family events something that everyone will look forward to. Call today.