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Fraternity Life and Alcohol Abuse

Fraternities encourage many of positive activities and qualities, such as brotherhood, community service, and school pride. Despite the good characteristics of fraternities, alcohol use is often rampant in fraternity houses and is an integral part of Greek life on campus. Because of this, alcohol abuse and addiction has become a massive problem for fraternity members and those who choose to associate with them.

In 2008 the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAA) reported some shocking facts about alcoholism among college students, most of which was influenced by fraternities and the culture of alcohol abuse. The study reported that 1,400 college students died from alcohol abuse, and alcohol abuse was a factor in 500,000 unintentional injuries, 600,000 assaults, and 70,000 sexual assaults and/or rapes. Clearly alcohol abuse and alcohol related assaults and injuries are becoming a major issue on college campuses today and putting young people across the country at risk for serious bodily, mental, and psychological harm.

Risks of Alcohol Abuse in Fraternities

While alcohol abuse is common across in colleges and universities, no other on-campus group seems to promote drinking quite like fraternities. The dangers associated with this type of culture of alcohol abuse can have consequences such as the following:

  • Accidents: When alcohol is consumed on a consistent basis, or during a binge, the likelihood of accidents occurring is increased. Whether it is trying to drive while intoxicated, getting into arguments that become physical, falling and causing injury, accidents can and will happen when too much alcohol is consumed.
  • Peer pressure: Fraternities are notorious for dangerous hazing rituals and peer pressure. Performing an initiation on a new frat brother can lead to serious consequences if alcohol is involved. Those newer frat brothers looking to gain acceptance from the others might also be more likely to drink too much or make more mistakes as they are trying to fit in.
  • Death: When extreme alcohol abuse is encouraged, it can cause massive overdose and death. If a person is unaware of his limits and has difficulty stopping at a certain point, he is at risk of alcohol poisoning and possibly death. Individuals can also become so intoxicated that they make poor decisions, such as drunk driving, which can also be fatal.

Fraternities, while having some great qualities, are known to encourage drinking and dangerous alcohol-related hazing. This culture of alcohol abuse can cause serious mental and physical harm to fraternity members and those around them.

Are You in a Fraternity and Having a Problem With Alcohol?

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