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Effects of Alcoholism

Alcohol abuse affects the body, personal relationships and mind. Alcohol abuse can be very hard on the body. For example, most people are familiar with a connection between alcoholism and cirrhosis of the liver; however, the damage does not stop here. Alcohol can damage the brain. People who abuse alcohol can have slurred speech, trouble walking, slow and impaired reaction times and may have difficulty remembering things.  This is all due to the impact of alcohol on the brain. Individuals who drink too much may also have higher incidences of contracting certain types of cancer.

How Alcoholism Affects Relationships

Alcoholism can also do a ton of damage to one’s personal relationships and destroy ties with an individual’s family and friends. Oftentimes, when people drink too much, they tend to lie and act deceptively to hide the amount of alcohol they are actually consuming. This can lead to distrust and a breakdown in relationships. If a person is always inebriated, this can also make it more difficult maintain any type of relationship or to even communicate with that individual. This can further put strain on one’s relationships.

Alcohol affects people differently.  Some people will become violent and mean-spirited while others may be quiet, docile and simply sleep all day. While the range of behaviors that may occur when one is under the influence will vary, most will have a negative impact and strain important relationships.

Psychological Effects of Alcoholism

There are also many psychological effects of alcoholism. Some people become paranoid and withdraw while other people may feel rage, constant pangs of guilt and struggle with depression and anxiety. All of these will have a major impact on the alcoholic and subsequently their relationships with others.

Going through alcohol rehab is the best option to treat the effects of alcoholism. Millions of people enter some form of alcohol rehab to help them get sober. Once sober, a recovering alcoholic can begin work to heal damaged relationships and repair some of the emotional and physical effects of their alcoholism.

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