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Divorcing an Alcoholic

Have you felt like you are stuck in a relationship and life rut due to your spouse’s addiction? Divorcing an alcoholic or drug addict can be a difficult decision to make, but if you feel as though you have exhausted all options to save your relationship and to provide your family with a stable, healthy and nurturing environment then the option of divorce may be the best option. Despite the fact that you are going through a divorce you may feel strongly about attempting to get your ex-spouse the rehab and recovery treatment needed to embrace a life of sobriety.

Helping an Alcohol Spouse

Leaving an alcoholic so that you can embrace a new life that is free of addiction and addictive behaviors can often fill you with incredible amounts of guilt. While you should not feel guilty about making positive decisions to change your life and the lives of your family members, there several steps that you can take to help your ex get and stay sober during and after a divorce. These steps include the following:

  • Consider staging an intervention. Reaching out to an interventionist for intervention help is often the best course of action, as these professionals can ensure that the process runs smoothly and achieves the desired results.
  • Consider helping your spouse enter into rehab during divorce proceedings so that he or she can start a new chapter in lives on a clean and sober note.
  • While researching options for rehab for a spouse remind your soon-to-be ex that his or her sobriety can help him or her gain greater visitation rights to your children.

A comprehensive treatment plan will encourage the rebuilding of relationships while the person struggling with the addiction receives a range of therapies to help him or her get sober.

Helping a Spouse or Former Spouse Overcome Alcohol Addiction

Divorcing an alcoholic or drug addict in order to achieve a better life for yourself is a personal decision, and helping your former spouse to get sober and maintain recovery during a divorce is a selfless step. Call our toll-free helpline to discuss your unique situation with one of our compassionate counselors. Your conversations will be confidential, non-judgmental and can help you to make the right decision for yourself, your ex and your family as a whole.