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Dangers of Drinking Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has become one of the most highly sought after household products to abuse by people of all ages and races. It is one of the scariest substances out there, as it is something that most people have in their homes, or at least have a great deal of access to. There is no age requirement to purchase hand sanitizer, nor is there much of an awareness surrounding this rapidly growing problem. Consuming hand sanitizer in unintended ways can cause severe harm.

Why Is Ingesting Hand Sanitizer Dangerous?

The following are some of the reasons drinking hand sanitizer is bad for your health:

  • Triclosan: Triclosan is a chemical that is extremely prevalent in hand sanitizer. It is used to help kill germs upon contact with the skin, but can produce negative side effects when ingested. Drinking triclosan can lead to the disruption of hormone production, including the production of hormones needed to help the brain function and the body to reproduce.
  • Overdose: Many people who use hand sanitizer to get intoxicated do not think they are drinking enough, as the amount of alcohol in the sanitizer is not comparable to drinking straight alcohol. If they continue to drink more hand sanitizer quickly, overdose may result.
  • Cocktails: A common trend is to mix hand sanitizer with other household products like Listerine. This increases the effects of intoxication and can lead to overdose and stronger side-effects.
  • Irreversible side effects: Side effects such as blindness and organ damage can be irreversible and potentially deadly. All it takes is too much hand sanitizer in one sitting to produce this kind of damage that can change the life of the user, if not claim it.

The best and most efficient way for parents and loved ones to prevent this kind of abuse is to through education. Make sure you and your loved ones know the type of danger that hand sanitizer abuse poses.

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