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Can Alcohol Cause Anxiety?

Drinking may seem to solve or answer all your problems. If you are worried and anxious about your life and future, drinking your fears away may seem like a good idea. However this solution will only make anxiety worse.

The Connection between Alcohol and Anxiety

Consuming alcohol does not directly cause anxiety, but it does have an indirect effect. Alcohol depresses your mood and renders you more prone to anxiety attacks. A long night of hard drinking can cause exhaustion and dehydration and make it harder for your body to function. It becomes harder for you to avoid or deal with anxiety attacks. Alcohol may lessen the serotonin levels in your brain. Serotonin is the chemical directly connected to pleasure, and without it anxiety becomes more likely and harder to handle.

The Cycle of Anxiety and Alcohol Abuse

If you are dependent on or addicted to alcohol, anxiety will occur when you think about what alcohol might make you do next or how it has impacted your past. No one can spend every minute of their lives under the influence of alcohol. Once the effects fade and your reasoning returns, you have to face a reality that may be worse than the one you were avoiding at first. This can drive you to use alcohol again to escape, creating a cycle that endangers yourself and your loved ones.

Recovering from Alcoholism and Anxiety

Alcoholism deserves serious attention. You need help if you are in this situation. If anxiety is caused by the physical complications or mental worries of drinking, finding help to end your drinking will help control your anxiety as well. If physical dependence exists, anxiety attacks can be triggered by the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol. However these symptoms are temporary, and anxiety will not go away if you continue to drink. Professional treatment will help you stop drinking, and quality programs will also provide treatment for underlying anxiety issues.

Finding Help for Anxiety and Alcohol

If you or a loved one is dealing with anxiety by using alcohol, find help immediately. Please call our toll-free number, and learn more about your options for an alcohol and anxiety-free life.