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Are All Heavy Drinkers Alcoholics?

You may be concerned that heavy drinking indicates alcoholism. So how do you know if you are truly displaying the signs of alcoholism? There are ways to determine this and we can help.

Signs of Alcoholism

The symptoms and signs of alcoholism can vary greatly between individuals. There are, however, several behaviors and actions that are fairly common between those who are struggling with alcoholism. Ask yourself the following questions and then think carefully about what your answers to the questions may be:

  • How often do you drink heavily?
  • Do you drink heavily when you are on your own?
  • Do you drink heavily more often when you are in social situations?
  • Do you also often have just one or two drinks? Or do you tend to only drink until close to the point of intoxication?
  • Do you drink in an effort to give yourself a little bit of a confidence or self-esteem boost before social engagements?
  • Have others around you started to question your drinking or pass comments about it?

Coming to terms with the idea that you may be an alcoholic is a difficult thing to process. Call our alcoholism helpline to speak in complete confidence with one of our counselors who will be able to help you through the process. The counselors you speak to may also recommend an alcohol rehab facility to help you receive quality professional treatment.

How Alcohol Rehabilitation Can Help

If you believe that you can benefit from an alcohol rehab program, the following will give you an idea as to the types of treatment you will receive:

  • When you spend time in an alcohol rehab program, you will undergo a physical and mental examination in order to determine your current health levels and also find out if you have underlying mental and emotional issues that can benefit from professional treatment. For example, there is a clear correlation between social anxiety and alcohol addiction.
  • As a part of your inpatient rehab treatment, you will also be able to receive the benefit of group and individual counseling.
  • Your addiction recovery will be all the more challenging without the support of your loved ones, so family and couples counseling is also offered.
  • You will be able to undergo medically supervised detox that will help to ensure your physical health and your overall levels of comfort.

There are a few key differences between an inpatient and an outpatient program. The primary difference is being able to sleep in your own bed at night versus sleeping at the alcohol rehab facility. However, this difference also leads to the ability to remove yourself wholly from the people and situations that might be contributing to your addiction.

Learn More about Heavy Drinking and Alcoholism

Providing quality addiction treatment for your alcoholism and mental health concerns is our primary focus. Call our toll-free 24 hour helpline so that you can confidentially discuss your concerns about your heavy drinking with our knowledgeable counselors.

We are here to help guide you through the addiction recovery process; call us today to find out how we can help you attain long-lasting sobriety. We can even help you arrange insurance coverage for treatment.