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Alcoholism in Church Leaders and Church Employees

Alcoholism in the church is on the rise. Forty percent of evangelical leaders have said that they drink alcohol socially*, and many struggle with alcohol abuse or alcoholism. Church leaders and church employees are human, and they are not perfect. If a church leader or employee is struggling with an addiction, members of the church should consider planning an intervention. Alcoholism is a serious problem for both the church and the church leader’s health. Providing private alcohol help for church leaders or alcohol help for ministers is a better option than firing the individual. Throwing the church employee out would not help anyone, and alcoholism is a disease rather than a moral failing.

Alcohol Addiction Is a Physical Health and Mental Health Issue

A factor that may limit help for religious leaders with alcohol addiction is attitude toward alcohol. Some faiths are open to drinking alcohol occasionally and others preach abstention. A conflict of beliefs can make the situation much more complicated than it is. Alcoholism is a serious disease that can cause personal and professional problems. Alcoholism degrades the office to which the church leader and employee has been assigned. However alcohol abuse is not a moral failing, as a person addicted to alcohol has a disease that requires professional help. It may be up to the congregation to help the individual take a step in the right direction. If church leaders lose their way, it may be time for a church member to provide guidance.

Find Help for Church Leader or Employees Struggling with Alcohol Addiction

Private alcohol help for church leaders and employees is available, and we can help you facilitate private rehab help for yourself or a church employee. Our toll-free and confidential helpline is available 24 hours a day to help you find such resources as the following:

  • Intervention assistance
  • Integrated treatment for alcoholism and mental illness such as depression, anxiety or PTSD
  • Specialized or luxury addiction treatment
  • Addiction treatment that includes faith practices

Learn how you or your church leader can overcome alcohol addiction. Please call now.