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Alcohol Use Problems among 25-40 Year-Olds

Though anti-alcohol messages have been permeating schools for decades, the legality of this substance and the largely positive depiction of it by the media often prevent people from seeing it for what it is: a drug. Its potential to end lives is well documented, with alcohol-related accidents continuing to cause nearly half of motorist deaths and alcohol-induced cirrhosis and blood toxicity killing thousands each year. Despite this, people in all stages of life, including well-established professionals with families, consider it their recreational drug of choice.

Drinking Patterns among 25-40 Year-Olds

Many of those in the 25 to 40 year age range who drink heavily were exposed to alcohol before they reached legal age. The “forbidden pleasure” aspect of this kind of alcohol consumption leads those who indulged as minors to drink more as adults than they might have otherwise. Of course, it is entirely possible and extremely common for adults who have abstained throughout their adolescence and young adulthood to begin drinking socially once they see themselves as mature enough to do so.

Both those who drank as young people and those who began in adulthood are in danger of potential addiction. Some see alcohol as a harmless means of relaxation as long as it is used in moderation; therefore, they allow themselves one drink per sitting on infrequent occasions. There are more people in this category than those who have never tasted alcohol. The danger of social drinking — even when it is tightly regulated — is that growing comfortable with alcohol consumption is highly likely to increase the amount that one drinks. The increase occurs in imperceptible increments over time so that only the drinker’s very observant friends and relatives are likely to notice the change. Much of the time, the individual does not notice that he or she is drinking more. If the individual does notice, the increase is so small that he or she is not concerned.

For the professional adult who feels mounting pressure in the workplace and finds little relief in other areas of life or the worker who has never been able to move beyond dead-end jobs, hopelessness has a way of blocking out the positives in life until all the individual can think about is how to escape. Alcohol seems like the obvious choice, being famous for erasing coherent thoughts and generating feelings of warmth and happiness. However, alcohol abuse can lead to dependence, cell death (especially in the liver), overdose and many more unpleasant effects.

Alcohol Addiction Help for 25-40 Year-Olds

Recovery centers are not only for at-risk youth or hardcore drug addicts who have lost everything. If you or your loved one is in the beginning stages of dependence, please call our toll-free helpline. We are available 24 hours a day to give you advice no matter what your situation is. If recovery treatment is needed, we can help you find the best recovery center for your age and other specific needs. Call us today for more information.