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Alcohol Use on College Campuses

Socialization is essential to college students, but it can lead many students to use or abuse alcohol. It is easy for students to give in to the peer pressure of drinking, but this leads them to drink more than is healthy. However, with professional help these students can recover and stay sober throughout school.

Which College Students Abuse Alcohol

The statistics for alcohol abuse are overwhelming, especially for those in fraternities and sororities. The Core Institute is the largest national Alcohol and Other Drug database on college student’s drinking and drug use, and it reports that 86 percent of interviewed students who were in fraternities or sororities had used alcohol in the month prior to their annual survey. In other words, many Greek societies promote alcohol as essential to socialization, which is reinforced constantly by the media.

Secondly, college athletes tend to abuse alcohol more than others. Core also reports that 78 percent of college athletes reported using alcohol in the month prior to their survey. These students tend to binge drink more than any other student population, and are more likely to experience alcohol-related harm.

Lastly, underage drinking is also a concern on college campuses. The easy availability of alcohol on college campuses makes it easy for underage students to obtain it. According to the Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Study (CAS), underage students are less likely to drink alcohol, but are more likely than other students to drink in excess when they do.

Consequences of College Alcohol Use

According to the 2001 Harvard School of Public Health CAS, 58 percent of frequent binge drinkers reported drinking and driving. Also, in the same study almost one in five non-binge drinkers reported drinking and driving. This activity is widely known to be dangerous, yet a large number of students do it anyway. Furthermore, many people ignore that riding in a car with an intoxicated driver is also dangerous. According to the Office of the Surgeon General, of the deaths in crashes with underage drinkers, 45 percent of them are people other than the driver.

According to a 2002 study sponsored by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, at least half of college student sexual assault cases involve alcohol abuse. Over half of the men in these cases blamed alcohol for having committed rape. Unfortunately, many cases of alcohol-attributed rape go unreported, especially if the victim was intoxicated as well.

Underage drinking can lead not only to health problems, but also to legal consequences if someone is caught. The legal charges associated with underage drinking are as follows:

  • Possession by minor
  • Purchase by minor
  • Misrepresentation of age
  • Consumption by minor
  • Public intoxication by minor

The first charge for these offenses include lofty fines, attendance to an alcohol awareness court, several hours of community service and a temporary suspension of a driver’s license. Considering these requirements, one night of drinking is not worth the possible consequences.

Help for Alcohol Addiction

If you or someone you know in college abuses alcohol, then seek appropriate treatment by calling our toll-free helpline today. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you have about treating alcohol abuse.