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Alcohol Abuse and Senior Citizens

Alcoholism is an equal opportunity disease, meaning that people of all types can develop it. This addiction is increasingly common among senior citizens, as more and more of them are misusing alcohol for dangerous purposes. The causes of alcoholism are often the same throughout all age groups, but senior citizens can face different dangers associated with their use. That means treatment must help seniors address their unique issues to recover fully.

Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse in Senior Citizens

It is difficult to determine if a senior citizen struggles with alcohol abuse, because the symptoms of alcoholism resemble those of aging. However, you can differentiate between these conditions if you study the following issues:

  • Changes in sleep – As senior citizens age, their sleep patterns will likely change as well, but a senior citizen who struggles with alcoholism will change her sleep patterns in odd ways. For example, she may sleep more in the day, or stay up late at night because her dependency affects her regular sleeping pattern greatly.
  • Clumsiness – Senior citizens may be prone to falling as they age, but sudden increases in falling, tripping or harming themselves is also a sign of regular alcohol abuse
  • Unexplained changes in mood – When a senior citizen gets older, his temperament may change, but sudden, unexplained changes can indicate alcohol abuse. Between drinking episodes, a senior citizen can grow irritable, and during use he can either become euphoric, increasingly upset or even angry.

Senior citizens who abuse alcohol often show prominent symptoms, such as changes in sleep patterns, increased clumsiness and unexplained changes in mood. In addition, they might also appear more confused than normal. Despite these alarming problems, treatment is available to help seniors citizens overcome and quit alcohol abuse.

Alcoholism Treatment for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens require a unique treatment approach for them to overcome alcoholism. For instance, treatment for this group usually includes a program with other individuals their age. At a program such as this, senior citizens can not only uncover the causes of their alcohol abuse, but they can also learn better coping skills that are geared toward changing their abusive patterns. In addition, they can also begin building support among other recovering users, which is critical to staying sober in the future. With the right help, any alcohol can recover, regardless of her age.

Help for Alcoholic Senior Citizens

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