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Will 12-step Programs Address Co-Occurring Disorders?

Getting quality addiction help often means getting co-occurring disorder help so that you can be treated as a whole and not just as an addiction or a mental illness. When you enter into a quality facility, you will often find that 12-step programs are an integral part of the treatment process.

12-step Programs and Addiction Rehabilitation

Integrated addiction treatment programs that address co-occurring addiction and mental health issues will benefit your long-term recovery. Learning how 12-step programs can work in conjunction with other forms of beneficial treatment can help you to better understand the recovery process. 12-step programs work in the following ways:

  • 12-step programs introduce addicts to core set of beliefs that can help them work through their addiction in a healthy manner
  • 12-step programs help addicts to accept the fact that they powerless over addiction and mental illness
  • 12-step programs demonstrate that individuals are strong enough to regain control of their lives and live the life that they deserve

Finding the right treatment combination for each person can be a challenge, but one of the benefits of a good rehab program is that the medical professionals treating you will do their utmost to find the perfect solution to meet your recovery needs.

Integrated addiction treatment facilities will offer benefits that go beyond receiving quality rehab help. They will offer addiction help that extends beyond primary treatment so that addicts in recovery can continue to get the valuable support needed for a long-lasting and sustainable recovery.

Get Help for Co-Occurring Disorders

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