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Stay Active to Avoid Alcohol Addiction Relapse

Staying active during recovery from alcohol addiction can help you to avoid relapse. By going out and engaging life rather than retreating from it you will see that you don’t need alcohol. You will enjoy your time and will not need to drink.

Boredom Is an Alcohol Relapse Trigger

When you were drinking, you probably spent a lot of your time drinking. Now that you are in recovery you may not know what to do with your time. Sitting around wondering what to do can cause you to think about what you used to do, which was drink. Thinking about drinking, idealizing the good times and having no way to stay otherwise occupied will lead to relapse.

Ways to Stay Active and Prevent an Alcoholism Relapse

There are many ways to stay active. Find things that you like to do and that suit your interests. If you enjoy what you are doing the time will fly by, you will want to spend more time doing it and will find that you are having a great time and you aren’t drinking or even thinking about drinking. One common and unexpected benefit of quitting drinking is that you will have more money left at the end of each month. If you do, you deserve to treat yourself to a fun activity, if it is going to help you get through a moment of temptation. Some ideas for staying active include the following:

  • Exercise. Exercise is a great stress reliever, is fun and will make you feel great.
  • Get out of the house. Sitting around doing nothing or watching TV can cause you to think about drinking. Go to the park on a nice day, go shopping or go to the movies.
  • Visit local points of interest. Go to a museum or local history sight and learn something interesting.
  • Go to the library and read.
  • Find a hobby. Hobbies such as woodworking, photography, building model railroads or restoring vintage cars can give you something challenging and rewarding to do with your time as well as a profound sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.
  • Play sports. If you are athletic, dust off your cleats and join an adult league. Playing sports will occupy your time with something healthy, help you to get back in shape, give you a sense of membership and belonging and allow you to meet new people who also enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
  • Go out to dinner with friends.
  • Socialize with non-drinkers. Socializing as a recovering alcoholic in a drinking world is an important part of your journey, but only if you are ready to be around people who are drinking. If you are worried about relapse then try to find non-drinkers to socialize with and non-drinking functions to attend.

Need Support to Avoid Alcohol Relapse?

If you are a recovering alcoholic and fear that your recovery is not stable, call us. If you are currently struggling with alcohol abuse or addiction and want an alcohol-free life, we are here for you. Our recovery counselors are available 24 hours a day, and they are here to help you find and maintain a sober life. Calls are free and confidential and require no commitment, so please call now.