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Should I Enter Sober Living after Rehab?

Sober living refers to staying in a sober living home that provides a drug and alcohol-free environment. These homes provide a safe and structured environment so that residents can continue with their individual recovery plans of become self-supporting. Residents must pay their own rent and take care of their own food and other basic needs. Residents must be employed or an enrolled as a student. Individuals with disabilities that prevent them from working must participate in volunteer services to the home or community. Other sober living home requirements include attending a minimum number of support group meetings and following a set of rules including a zero-tolerance policy for possession or use of drugs or alcohol. Violating the rules can result in fines or even immediate expulsion from the home.

Do I Need to Enter Sober Living after Addiction Treatment?

Rehab provides a safe environment for recovering addicts to detox and break the cycle of addiction, but the recovery process does not stop once rehab is complete. While rehab treatment can provide a person with the knowledge and resources to recover from addiction to drugs or alcohol, it does not allow him or her to use these tools in real life situations. It is much easier to stop using drugs and alcohol without the stress, pressures and temptations of everyday life. Sober living can help individuals make the transition from rehab to the real world. Relapse is common after rehab, because many people leave feeling over-confident. Recovery is a lifelong process, and taking it gradually is the best way to ensure that it is true and eternal. Sober living is just another small step in achieving a successful recovery and lifelong sobriety.

What Are the Benefits of Sober Living Homes?

The following are some of the benefits of living in a sober living home:

  • Gradual responsibility. A person can gradually begin to take on responsibility without feeling the added pressure of having to support others.
  • Zero tolerance. Drugs and alcohol are prohibited. Random drug testing with severe consequences can be great motivation for staying sober.
  • Limited temptation. Everyone is following the same rules. No friends or family can tempt a resident, because alcohol or drug use is not tolerated.
  • Group recovery support. Everyone in the home is facing the same challenge to stay sober. It can be helpful to share experiences and struggles with others and experience feelings of companionship, acceptance and trust.
  • Location. Sober homes can give a person a peaceful place free to recover that is free from distractions.
  • Guidance. Staff provides a strict set of rules that include no violence, fighting, theft or sex. They provide a set of serious repercussions and a watchful eye for those who are in danger of relapse.

What Are Luxury Sober Living Homes?

There are luxury or boutique sober living homes that provide elevated levels of confidentiality and high-end amenities. These homes may offer the services of professionals such as personal life coaches, chefs, fitness trainers, nutritionists and massage therapists. The same general sobriety rules are applied in luxury sober homes, but the details of the living situation may be more comfortable.

Need Information on Sober Living Homes?

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