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Saving Money by Choosing a Detox-Only Alcohol Rehab Program

Alcohol’s availability and social acceptance has led it to become a dangerous and widespread drug, and it has infiltrated the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the country.

When an alcohol user finally reaches a point where he is willing to accept some form of treatment, a great deal of research should go into where he or she will get help. One of the most trying factors when making this decision is figuring out how much rehab will cost and whether or not the user or his family can afford to enroll him in one of these programs.

As understandable as it is for a user to determine his treatment on whether or not he can afford it, it is crucial that he removes that aspect of the decision out of his planning, as nothing is more important than getting the best and most appropriate treatment. If a user fails to set himself up on the right path to sobriety, he can end up spending even more money than anticipated as he continues to seek treatment repetitively.

Disadvantages of Detox-Only Rehab

There are a number of reasons why a detox-only program may not be the best choice, including the following:

  • Therapy – When entering a rehab program, detox is usually the first of many steps. This comprehensive plan can help clear the addict of the alcohol in his system so he can begin to function without it. Part of this treatment is therapy, both individual and group, where the user can explore his feelings and emotions that may drive him to drink. With the help of a therapist, the user can begin to understand what triggers him and why.
  • Coping mechanisms – Treatment beyond detox can also allow the user to develop a stronger set of coping mechanisms. These additional therapies will help enable the user to combat negative emotions and bad experiences through the use of skills and strategies developed to create a positive outcome.
  • Health issues – Alcohol detox can be highly dangerous, as the user’s body is learning to be free of the drug. This can lead to physical problems such as increased heart rate and tremors, as well as mental issues such as anxiety and depression. All of these symptoms should be closely monitored by a medical professional during and also after the detox to ensure the best health outcome for the user.

A user may be able to save money if he chooses to do a detox-only alcohol rehab program, but the quality and effectiveness of treatment will be lessened. By not choosing the comprehensive rehab care, the user may find that he repeats his stays in rehab, as his trip to a detox-only program was not strong enough to help him work through his addiction.

Finding Comprehensive Rehab for Alcohol Addiction

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