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Long-Term Alcohol Rehab Programs

Long-term alcohol rehab programs are for individuals who need both intensive and extensive care. These may be individuals that have been addicted to alcohol for a long time or who have tried other types of alcohol treatment programs with no success. Individuals who have become seriously addicted physically may also enter this type of facility because they require alcohol detox among other treatments.

Who Needs a Long-Term Alcohol Rehab Program?

  • Individuals who have been addicted to alcohol for a long time. People who have struggled with alcohol for a long time may need the intensive care provided by a long-term alcohol rehab program. Oftentimes, long-term alcohol rehab programs employ a holistic approach to treatment, caring for the entire individual rather than simply addressing the alcohol problem. There are many individuals who have been addicted to alcohol for years and  tried to give up drinking on their own to no avail. Addicts who have not been able to figure out a way to stop drinking may need to try the different, more intensive approach that long-term alcohol rehab offers. It is an opportunity for individuals to get a lot of attention and focused treatment for a good length of time. Long-term facilities typically treat addicts for months at a time, even up to a year.
  • People have tried other types of alcohol rehab. Many times, people who end up entering long-term alcohol rehab programs have already tried various other types of programs. These may have included outpatient treatment and 12-step programs. Perhaps the timing wasn’t right or they simply needed more help than could be provided in these other types of facilities or programs.
  • Individuals with strong physical addictions. Long-term alcohol rehab programs oftentimes make alcohol detox available. This is a medical intervention for those who are physically addicted to alcohol and may have serious or even dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Because long-term centers are often equipped for this, many addicts who need this type of care enroll in these facilities. After an alcoholic has gone through detox, in many cases, they will be ready for rehabilitation. Some people are unwilling to even try to quit because they fear the withdrawal symptoms. If they can get in a place that will ease those symptoms a bit through medication or via professional care, they may be more apt to give up drinking. Long-term facilities can offer both detox and long-term followup care.

If someone you or you know and love needs help for a serious alcohol addiction, consider finding alcohol rehab help at a long-term rehab facility. These are generally equipped to help people stop drinking for good. Long-term care gives the alcoholic an adequate amount of time to work through their issues and learn how to live a life without a dependence on alcohol.