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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

Inpatient alcohol rehab is an intensive treatment model. Persons who enroll in this type of program will actually be living at the facility for certain period of time. This amount of time will differ based on their particular needs and level of addiction. Most will stay for at least one month with others staying up to a year. These types of a rehab centers will offer a variety of services including medical detox which in many cases is the first level of treatment. Private pay alcohol rehab often offers more services than outpatient or publicly funded options.

Inpatient Medical Alcohol Detox

Individuals aren’t able to truly deal with psychological, emotional or spiritual aspects of addiction until their bodies can be free of most traces of alcohol. This is exactly what a medical detox will accomplish.  Sometimes individuals will be given medications so the withdrawal symptoms are not so severe.

The physical level of addiction will differ from person to person. Some people are severely addicted and their body will react violently when they stop drinking. These are the people who will need some type of medical intervention or some type of medication to help them get through the process.

Many people would be surprised that alcohol and all traces of it can be cleared from the body in only about a week; however, it can take much longer to treat the psychological, physical emotional effects of alcohol addiction. For example, people who have cirrhosis of the liver as a byproduct of long-term alcohol use will still experience its effects. Believe it or not, alcohol detox is often the easier part of overcoming the addiction.  Oftentimes, the more difficult parts of the process are dealing with the psychological and emotional ties to drinking.

Benefits of Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Programs

There are many advantages to inpatient alcohol rehab.  One of the first is that an individual is able to get away from negative influences.  If they have drinking buddies or family members with whom they drink alcohol on a consistent basis, getting away from them can be a huge help. This is because the peer pressure to drink will no longer exist, at least for a period of time.  They also will have less stress. Some people tend to drink when they feel overwhelmed and have a lot of ongoing responsibility. By getting away from everything and everybody, they have a chance to relax and focus on getting better. Inpatient alcohol rehab centers also tend to have a lot of structure. This can be very beneficial for some individuals as they attempt to stop drinking.

Once a person has gone through detoxification, the staff will create a program especially for that person, based on their particular needs, how long they have been drinking and what their struggles are. There may be medical exams, counseling sessions, psychological exams and group and individual therapy. Individuals will learn how to live soberly, how to prevent relapse and how to get their life back in order. An inpatient alcohol rehab facility will provide a lot of necessary services to help individuals stop drinking, and support the long-term success of a recovering alcoholic.