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How Do You Help an Angry Drunk?

If your loved one is an alcoholic who reacts with anger and violence while under the influence, getting him or her professional addiction treatment can be difficult. You may spend a significant amount of time avoiding conflict, potential blowups and acts of violence. You want to help your loved one, but you are afraid of his or her reaction to offers of support for treatment.

Getting Alcohol Intervention Help from Professionals

Your first step in the process of getting your loved one professional help is to stage a family intervention. There are several benefits to staging an intervention with an interventionist compared to trying to have a one-on-one discussion with someone who has a volatile temper. These benefits include the following:

  • When you hire an interventionist, you receive the benefit of their knowledge, experience and understanding of what you, your family and your alcoholic loved one are going through
  • An interventionist can help an alcoholic calmly and rationally discuss alcoholism and how it is affecting loved ones
  • When you hire an interventionist, you will learn tactics that will help you discuss how you feel and what you think in a non-confrontational manner
  • Your interventionist can help you ensure physical safety and security during the intervention process

The intervention process is not an opportunity to attack or berate your alcoholic loved one. It is your chance to have a serious and heartfelt discussion about how his or her drinking and alcoholic behaviors have affected you and the rest of the family. If you have ultimatums to present in a non-confrontational manner, the family intervention will be the ideal time to do so.

How Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Will Help Angry Drunks

Once you have helped your alcoholic loved one see that an alcohol treatment program is the best option for recovery, you will need to ensure that they enter into a quality alcohol rehab facility. An addiction recovery program will help an alcoholic in the following ways:

  • A safe alcohol detox program will be offered. The detox process can be uncomfortable for an alcoholic, but medically supervised detox programs will help to ensure that high levels of safety and comfort are met.
  • Several forms of therapy will be offered. Therapy will help patients get to the reasons behind the anger and addiction.
  • Integrated care will be offered. Alcoholism and mental health are closely linked, and receiving treatment for underlying mental health issues can ensure a longer-lasting sobriety can be had.

Alcoholism and Intervention Help

If you would like to help an alcoholic in your life get quality alcohol addiction care, please call our toll-free helpline. Calls are completely confidential. We will help you determine the best course of addiction treatment, provide intervention resources and help you to verify your available insurance for addiction help. Call us today.