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Finding Accountability to End Alcohol Use

Accountability involves an individual or a group of people being aware of the activities and habits of an alcoholic. It involves consistently checking on the well-being of an alcoholic and being a supportive, trustworthy person. There are many sources for accountability such as the following:

  • Doctors – Seek information from a doctor first, because he or she can offer medically-based information on how alcohol abuse is affecting you physically. Seeing the long-term effects of alcohol abuse can be an eye-opening self-accountability tool.
  • Therapy – Meet with a therapist regularly, as therapists can help you set short-term goals towards sobriety. Weekly meetings are a healthy accountability measure, because they can remind you not to use and reestablish your commitment to your recovery.
  • 12-step support groups – 12-step support groups offer a community of addicts in recovery who hold each other accountable. Most of these programs offer a former addict as a personal sponsor who helps guide your recovery and meets with you consistently for check-ups.
  • Rehabilitation programs – Both inpatient and outpatient rehab programs offer close accountability from professionals and fellow addicts during addiction treatment and recovery.
  • Close friends – Confide in close, trusted and sober friends who know your situation and can be available at almost any time to help.
  • Family – Family members, especially ones you live with, provide support and accountability, because they can always be available.
  • Internet blogs – Having a public site to share your journey can encourage your sobriety. You can share experiences, failures, and victories with an online community of like-minded people going through similar situations. In an increasingly internet age a blog can be a powerful source of endless support and accountability.

Using a number of these accountability sources will result in a better alcohol addiction recovery. Surround yourself with numerous supportive and trustworthy people for the best results.

The Importance of Accountability during Alcohol Addiction Recovery

You need a solid foundation of accountability sources during recovery to prevent an alcohol relapse. There will be triggers, temptations, moments of anxiety and uncomfortable situations during recovery that will make you feel the need to use. You must have immediate accountability sources available. If the mind is allowed time to consider temptation, cravings will rapidly grow. However if you can call an accountability partner immediately upon the arrival of an urge and tell them what you are contemplating, they can distract you until the urge subsides.

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