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Alcohol Abuse Help for Pilots

Pilots deserve admiration and respect. Pilots safely carry thousands of people every day to destinations across the world. Pilots are professionals in every sense, but pilots are human and are just as susceptible to drug and alcohol abuse as any professional. While airlines implement strict alcohol regulations for pilots to follow, problem drinking still happens. The stress and strain of a pilot’s career may lead to self-medicating in order to cope. If alcohol abuse has taken over your or a loved one’s life, get help before it is too late.

The Cycle of Alcohol Abuse among Pilots

For those that have high pressure jobs stress can cause many problems. Alcohol can appear to be an easy solution, since it relaxes the user to a certain extent. Alcohol abuse can begin for a number of reasons. An addiction usually begins when pilots face underlying issues like anxiety, depression or low self-esteem or are facing work or personal issues that seem to be beyond their control. They seek refuge in drinking and become addicted to alcohol. Once they are addicted, depression and stress worsen, and this cycle continues.

Seek Help before It Wrecks Your Flying Career

It has been estimated by the National Institute for Alcoholism Research that at least 5% – 8% of all pilots suffer from alcohol abuse and dependency. The Federal Aviation Administration (or FAA) has started a program that helps pilots deal with the problem of alcohol abuse. The rate for rehabilitation for the program is 92% – 95% according to the FAA’s “Human Intervention Motivation Study.” The FAA’s program requires addicted pilots to take a medical leave of absence for at least 28 days of inpatient treatment in a rehab program. After inpatient rehab, 90 days of extensive outpatient treatment that includes therapy and AA participation must also be completed.

Professional and Pilot Addiction Treatment that Respects Your Privacy

Quality rehab programs take your privacy seriously. Licensed medical professionals, counselors, therapists, case workers and recovery professionals maintain your confidentiality while offering targeted treatment that works. If your treatment was mandated by your airline, rehab can help you do the following:

  • Work with the FAA to receive a certificate of completion, so you can resume your flying career as soon as possible
  • Receive treatment that addresses both physical addiction and the underlying causes of addiction
  • Get well in state of the art and luxurious surroundings
  • Receive treatment from addiction experts who specialize in helping executive and professional clients

You have a choice about your treatment, and you can find the best treatment possible.

Alcoholism and Drug Help for Pilots and Air Traffic Professionals

We offer rehab information, counseling support and placement for busy pilots, professionals and executives. We work with you to help you find a rehab program that meets your needs for quality, comfort and privacy. Don’t risk your career, your relationships or your life. Make the confidential call to our toll-free helpline now, and speak with one of our recovery professionals. We want to meet your busy schedule, so we are here 24 hours a day. Learn how you can overcome alcohol abuse today.