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Alcohol Detox Services

Alcohol detox services are available to people who have become physically addicted to alcohol. Most alcohol rehab facilities offer medical drug detoxification. Medical drug detoxification is supervised by trained doctors in a controlled environment where medication can be administered to manage the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. But this is only the first phase in rehabilitation. Once the detox is over, participation in an inpatient alcohol rehab is recommended.

Reasons for Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox can be tough both on the body and the mind. It is the part of the process that many people dread the most. Convulsions, nausea, throwing up and the shakes are common effects of alcoholism that can be present during the detox process. The good news, is that it generally only takes about seven days for the alcohol to leave the body. This is approximately one week after your last drink. Though the period of time is pretty short, it can feel like an eternity to the alcoholic. Some medical detox programs will offer medication to alcoholics going through this process to make the withdrawal symptoms more tolerable.

You may suspect that you have a physical addiction to alcohol if you are experiencing any of the following moderate symptoms:  constant headaches, nausea, fast heartbeat, sweating, dilated or enlarged pupils, hand tremors, the inability to sleep or eat, vomiting and not being able to control various parts of your body.  Severe symptoms may include convulsions, hallucinations, blackouts and fevers.

There are also psychological symptoms that may occur when an individual is physically addicted to alcohol. These may include constant feelings of anxiety, depression, tiredness, nervousness and nightmares.

Select an Alcohol Detox Facility

When you are considering alcohol detox centers, make sure that you choose one that is licensed, safe and professional.  Going through withdrawal can be dangerous so you need to make sure there are people available who can treat you or get you help if you need it. There should be a nurse or doctor who is supervising you while you are going through the detox process.

Alcohol detox can be essential in helping people who are physically addicted to alcohol get sober.  After they go through detoxification, they will need to find an alcohol rehabilitation center to treat the root causes of their addiction. While detox is a key part of the process, the real work occurs in an inpatient or outpatient alcohol rehab program where you can learn to live a sober life.