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When Is It Time for Alcohol Rehab?

The right time for alcohol rehab will differ from person to person.  Some individuals will go and get help as soon as they feel like they are becoming dependent on alcohol to cope with life. Others will have to hit rock bottom before they seek help. Many people fall somewhere in the middle. The problem with addictions is that they make it difficult to judge the situation correctly.  Oftentimes, people in an alcoholic’s life will point out they have problem long before they finally admit that they do. Family members and loved ones can see things that the person who is addicted to alcohol is not able to see due to their addiction.  One of the biggest indicators that a person needs to go rehab is when their family, friend and acquaintances start suggesting that they have a problem and need to get help. Below, we will take a look at when is the right time to find alcohol rehab. Again, remember that this will differ for everyone and there are no cut and dry answers.

Alcohol Rehab

It may be time to seek alcohol rehab when:

  • Your family and friends are suggesting that you have a problem. If those closest to you are continually suggesting that you have a problem with alcohol, chances are they are correct. These people are often able to see more clearly than you can because of your addiction. An alcohol haze can prevent you from both recognizing and admitting the truth. Therefore, if you are hearing on a fairly consistent basis that you may be an alcoholic, take heed and consider rehab.
  • You are drinking to cope. If you cannot deal with the pressures of your life without drinking, it is a problem that warrants attention. Many people, after a stressful day will reach for a glass of wine. However, if this is an everyday occurrence for you and if you are having more than two drinks a day, you may have a problem and should look into rehab.
  • You are hiding alcohol from your family and friends. If you have to hide your drinking from your family and friends, then the chances that you are at least a problem drinker are pretty high. People who have a problem with alcohol often try to drink in secret or place their drinks in hidden places so no one knows how much they have been drinking.
  • You are having physical withdrawal symptoms when you don’t drink. People who get physically ill when they do not drink need to get into a alcohol rehab facility as soon as they can. Their bodies have become dependent on alcohol and some sort of alcohol detox may be necessary.
  • You have to drink to make it through the day. When it is necessary to drink in order to meet your daily obligations, there is a strong possibility that you are an alcoholic and need rehab.