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Myths about Alcohol Rehab Debunked

If you are considering alcohol rehab for yourself or someone you love, you may be concerned about what to expect during the rehab process. There are a lot of myths and misinformation available about alcohol rehabilitation.

Alcohol Rehab Myth #1: If Someone Wants to Stop Drinking, They Can Just Quit

Quitting isn’t about willpower alone. Addiction changes the way the brain functions, causes withdrawal symptoms and may be related to genetic disposition. Any one of these factors can make quitting abruptly and alone difficult or even impossible. Instead, an alcoholic can choose to get help. There are many programs available that help both alcohol users and their families.

Alcohol Rehab Myth #2: All Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs Are the Same

Not every rehab program is the same. There can be significant differences between treatment centers.  Treatment programs can vary depending on the education of staff members, the specialty of the treatment program and the amenities or extras that the rehab offers. Alcohol treatment is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Some new treatment programs offer Dual Diagnosis or integrated treatment, a clinically proven method that helps the person treat addiction and mental illness such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder at the same time.

Alcohol Rehab Myth #3: Not Many People Can Afford Alcohol Rehabilitation

When you see stars like Lindsay Lohan and Robert Downey, Jr. attending rehab, you may assume that rehab is for celebrities and socialites. While many celebrities do benefit from rehab, you can too. Even luxury treatment programs have affordable options, and many treatment programs are covered by insurance. If you do not have insurance or you do not wish to pay for rehab with insurance, you may be able to work out a payment plan for your treatment. Consider the costs of not going to treatment: years of addiction illness, lost employment and relationships and more. Rehab is by far the more affordable option.

Alcohol Rehab Myth #4: Addiction Treatment Is for People Who Are Not Like Me

There is a terrible myth that alcoholism only affects people without good morals or reputations. There is a misunderstanding that alcohol abuse only affects certain “types” of people. Alcoholism affects everyone. From high powered executives to college students, all social classes, races, backgrounds and religions are affected by alcoholism. Addiction is a disease of the body and the brain. We are all susceptible to alcoholism, and you may be surprised to find that while in treatment you will meet people just like yourself.

Alcohol Rehab Myth #5: Alcohol Detoxification and Alcohol Rehabilitation Are the Same

Alcohol rehab and alcohol detox are both important steps to wellness. Alcohol detox is an important first step to rehab treatment, as it cleanses your body of the toxins of alcohol and other drugs. Detox allows you to get to know your treatment team and find out how you can begin your recovery. Alcohol rehab is a great place to receive counseling, support and assistance to prevent relapse and begin living a life free from alcohol and other drugs. Detox is an important part of the rehab process, but alcohol rehab is so much more than detox.

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