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How Quickly Can I Get into Treatment for Alcohol Addiction?

When is the best time to begin your recovery? Everyone who works with alcohol addiction knows the answer is “as soon as possible.” Unfortunately, the soonest possible beginning is sometimes much further down the road than anyone would like. Many treatment programs have waiting lists. Your specific needs and preferences, along with local conditions and insurance considerations, can help determine how long you will be waiting to begin your treatment.

How Many Programs Meet Your Needs?

There may not be a perfect treatment program for every alcoholic, but there are certainly a variety of personal needs that will open up or narrow down the pool of programs from which an addict may choose.

What kind of detox will you need? It always takes time for the body to make the adjustment to functioning without alcohol. Sometimes this transition can be made in a treatment setting without the use of medicines or the involvement of doctors or nurses. Because of the potential fatal threat of delirium tremens, some very heavy drinkers need to be hospitalized for detox.

Do you have other mental issues? If you have problems with depression, anxiety, or any other psychological disorders, particularly if you have been trying to use alcohol to control the symptoms, a program experienced in treating co-occurring disorders will give you the best chance for success.

The more programs that are able to meet your needs, the more likely you will be to find one that can bring you in quickly.

Which Programs Can You Afford?

Even if you have no money and no insurance, there are still viable options for alcohol addiction treatment. Many treatment programs that are sponsored by charities or government agencies require no payment at all. Alcoholics Anonymous, which brings alcoholics together to help each other stop drinking and stay sober, never charges for services.

If you have health insurance, you might be able to enter a program that is covered under your policy. State and federal laws have been enacted that require coverage for mental health needs which includes alcohol addiction. Rules and requirements created by the insurance companies, however, can still make it difficult to get your treatment paid for by insurance.

Some programs try to make treatment more accessible by offering financing assistance or even a sliding fee scale based on the ability to pay. Of course, the ability to pay out of pocket for treatment opens up the most possibilities for finding a treatment program.

The more programs that your financial and insurance situation enables you to consider, the more likely it is that one will have an open spot for you to begin your treatment quickly.

Other Factors

Other preferences and circumstances can also limit or open up programs to you, speeding up or slowing down the beginning of your treatment. They may include the following:

  • Preferences for certain treatment styles
  • Number of treatment programs in your area
  • Desire for amenities or comforts at the treatment facility
  • Willingness and ability to travel for treatment

All of these differences add up and can mean the difference between a short wait and a long wait to begin treatment for your alcohol addiction.

Get Started Today

If you do have to wait to begin treatment, at least you don’t have to wait to begin planning your treatment. Call our toll-free helpline to learn about treatment options that can work for you and how best to prepare. Since the helpline is open 24 hours a day, there is no need to even wait until morning.