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Do I Need Integrated Treatment?

The term integrated treatment refers to drug rehab treatment that addresses all aspects of addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. If you have been dealing with an addiction to a controlled substance for long periods of time, you may have entered rehab before. Many individuals enter drug rehab facilities only to receive unspecialized or unprofessional treatment that leads to their incompletion of the program or causes them to experience relapse following the completion of their treatment.

The Need for Specialized Integrated Treatment Care

One of the biggest downfalls of traditional rehabilitation is that many programs are designed and based on the assumption that the majority of people will benefit from one particular type of treatment. While some individuals complete this type of rehabilitation with success, most individuals only achieve lasting sobriety after completing a rehabilitation program that is specifically designed for their needs, their progress and their addiction.

Depending on the nature and severity of your addiction, detox will most likely be a part of your rehabilitation process. In a quality rehab facility, detoxification will be carried out under the supervision of medical professionals in an environment where you will be given 24 hour care to ensure your safety and comfort. In a quality facility, you can expect to receive excellent nutrition during detox and after. You can also expect to benefit from a dual focus on therapy and education. Therapy can be beneficial, as it can help you understand some of the underlying causes of your addiction. An emphasis on education can further strengthen you when it comes to avoiding relapse. Integrated quality treatment allows you to develop a consistent network of support and accountability. This will not only aid you in completing treatment but can also provide you with a lifelong network of support.

Resources for Integrated Treatment and Rehabilitation

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